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O-46 Advanced cancer patients’ perspectives on a video decision support aid used to enhance goals of care discussions
  1. Petra Grendarova and
  2. MA Hebert
  1. Departments of Oncology and Community Health Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Background Advance Care Planning/Goals of Care discussions can positively impact the quality of end-of-life care but few studies have evaluated Goals of Care video decision support aids in the setting of advanced cancer.

Aim To explore perspectives of patients with advanced cancer on the use of a video decision support aid developed to enhance awareness of different Goals of Care (GOC) and to examine how the video influences participants’ knowledge and perceptions about GOC.

Methods A pre-post design using a qualitative approach was used. Before and after watching the video, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 14 participants from an Outpatient Radiation Oncology Bone Metastases Clinic. Extended Elaboration Likelihood Model was the conceptual framework used to guide data analysis.

Results Participants found the video scenarios made the GOC framework more personally relevant. They were able to relate their experiences to the video. After watching the video, nine participants identified their current approach to care as either medical care or comfort care. Participants found the timing and professional clinic environment appropriate for watching the video. Several participants expressed their intention to initiate discussions with their health care providers and to formalise their GOC plans.

Discussion Ability to relate past and present experiences to the scenarios shown in the video influenced effectiveness of the video. Video made the GOC framework “real” and helped participants articulate personalised questions for their health care providers.

Conclusion A purpose-specific video was a useful tool to engage patients in GOC in an outpatient oncology clinic.

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