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Oral Abstracts - Home Care/Age Care
Final evaluation of the “Making Health Choices” advance care planning in aged care project
  1. R Sjanta1,
  2. L Jackson1,
  3. R Fullam1,
  4. V Lewis2 and
  5. W Silvester1
  1. 1Respecting Patient Choices, Melbourne, Australia
  2. 2Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing, Melbourne, Australia


Published literature suggests that advance care planning (ACP) activity in aged-care homes is inconsistent and often of poor quality. There are few published reports of the effectiveness of formal training and implementation of ACP in aged-care homes. The Respecting Patient Choices Program piloted a training and implementation model in 19 aged-care homes in Victoria, Australia in 2010-11. The model required selected aged-care home nurses and management staff to attend 3 workshops over a 6-month period and complete pre and post-workshop tasks. The workshops included didactic and experiential teaching, discussions and role plays. Model evaluation included ACP documentation audits, in addition to pre and post implementation surveys to examine aged-care home ACP policies and practices, and staff knowledge, attitudes and behaviours around ACP. Key results were as follows:

The available data suggests that the RPC model of ACP in aged-care homes succeeded in training staff and implementing ACP.

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