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P-180  Strength in numbers – the cumbrian hospice alliance partnership
  1. Sue McGraw1,
  2. Val Stangoe2,
  3. Bill Mumford3,
  4. Linda Hewitt4 and
  5. Fiona Stobart5
  1. 1St John’s Hospice, Lancaster, UK
  2. 2St Mary’s Hospice, Ulverston
  3. 3Eden Valley and Jigsaw Hospice, Carlisle
  4. 4Hospice at Home, West Cumbria
  5. 5Hospice at Home, Carlisle and North Lakes


Cumbria covers an area of 6,767 km sq making it the second largest county by area in the country.

Cumbria’s age profile is older than the national average. By 2037 the proportion of residents aged 65+ is projected to increase to 32.9% (projected national proportion is 24%)

Demand for good end-of-life care will increase nationally but there will be greater demand in Cumbria.

Five independent Hospices working across the county:

  • Hospice at Home West Cumbria

  • Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakes

  • Eden Valley and Jigsaw

  • St Mary’s Hospice

  • St John’s Hospice (Hospice in Lancaster but covering parts of South Lakeland)

Five independent Hospices working across the county:Formation of the “Cumbrian Hospice Alliance” in November 2015.

Aim to:

  • Demonstrate the reach and impact of hospice care to commissioners and the community

  • Work in partnership to identify economies of scale and potential opportunities for partnership working

  • Promote volunteering

  • Project a professional impression, working together not against each other

  • Establish hospice care as a solution to future challenges in palliative and end-of-life care

  • Strengthen understanding of the contribution of hospice care

  • Memorandum of Understanding signed by chairs of each Board and CEO.

  • Quarterly meetings to review annual work-plan, regular meetings by executive teams to explore potential for future joint projects.

Partnership work so far:

  • Joint secondment of an EMIS IT Co-ordinator to ensure consistency in data and reporting. 18 month post, 1 day per week in each hospice

  • Joint priorities for improvement in hospice Quality Accounts

  • Joint communications strategy – One hospice message

  • Joint fundraising events – heads of fundraising working in partnership

Partnership work so far:We hope that the formation of the Cumbrian Hospice Alliance will allow us to encourage our people to work in partnership to unleash the potential to raise funds and provide more joined-up care for the Cumbrian communities we serve.

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