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P-50  Royal trinity hospice ‘welcomes’ the wellbeing programme with success
  1. Moira O’Connell1 and
  2. Sian Evans1,2
  1. 1Royal Trinity Hospice, London, UK
  2. 2Macmillan Cancer Support


Background Prior to the launch of the Wellbeing Programme an outpatient service evaluation was completed in 2014, with the following needs identified:

  • Peer support for patients, carers and families

  • Earlier intervention for patients/carers and the wider health economy for people with palliative care conditions

  • A model for day/outpatient services, based on a therapeutic approach to rehabilitation and critically, self-management.


  • To widen the breadth of support and care we provide to our patients to include Wellbeing Programmes through the introduction of peer and carer support sessions

  • Ensure patients, families and carers feel supported in relation to their anxieties and practical matters about their palliative journey

  • To start the new programme within six months of posts being in place

  • To build partnerships with other organisations collaborating and practicing seamless communication links to ensure patient needs are addressed in a timely manner

  • To further embed Royal Trinity Hospice as a provider of specialist palliative care services within its community.

Method To introduce ‘The Macmillan Wellbeing Programme’ funded by Macmillan Cancer Support, to develop, coordinate and deliver, over two years, a range of wellbeing and psychosocial programmes, giving great peer support, empowering better management of health and facilitating earlier access to hospice services. Impact is measured through an increase in the number of outpatients, referrals from non-Trinity professionals and outpatient volunteers.

Results Number of patients seen: 2013/2014: 286 2015/2016: 319 ?Target increase: 3% Actual increase: 12%

Referrals from non-Trinity professionals: 2013/2014: 108 2015/2016: 263 Target increase: 20% Actual increase: 144%

Number of outpatient volunteers: 2013/2014: 28 2015/2016: 39 Target increase: 20% Actual increase: 39%

Conclusion Launched in September 2015, the Wellbeing Programme has exponentially grown over the past year significantly exceeding the targets given. The introduction of the programme has results in establishing a community within Royal Trinity Hospice for patients, carers and families to become part of and feel supported through their individual journeys.

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