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P-22  Developing and implementing a community-based prostate cancer awareness campaign for hard-to-reach men
  1. Roger Wheelwright
  1. John Taylor Hospice, Birmingham, UK


Introduction Black men in the UK have substantially greater risk of developing prostate cancer (PCa) compared with white men (PCUK, 2013). This initiative aims to raise awareness of these risks and signpost this group of men to appropriate services that are available. We aim to explain this risk in a clear way that men can relate to and understand their risk.

Method This proactive project will build upon and develop initiatives with key members of the Black and African Caribbean (AC) community through the Benjamin’s Brothers project at John Taylor Hospice, a concept set up with the local community, including religious and community leaders, carers and prostate cancer survivors, with clinical support from primary and secondary care.

Results Recruitment of ‘health activists’ to support and enable men and their families to live longer with PCa in the community closer to their homes offers many benefits, including:

  • Improved access to advice and support to equip men and their families with the knowledge, understanding and support to self-manage their health

  • Provide men and their families with a point of contact within the community who can signpost them to the appropriate services, act as a liaison between the multifaceted multidisciplinary team across primary and secondary care setting

  • By providing support and education to the GPs who monitor these men in the community setting, to enable men to have access to advice and support

  • Offer a new way of working and enhances the way information and support is disseminated through these communities.

Discussion The aim of the post is to:

  • Offer advice and support to men of AC Heritage

  • Enable those with PCa to lead as full a life as possible, taking the whole family context into account.

This gold standard ambition for people, designed with health economics in mind envisages a change to the PCa survivorship landscape.

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