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P-166 Every patient has a voice
  1. Abby McCarthy1,
  2. Alison Allard2,
  3. Barbara Miller2 and
  4. Miranda Fairhurst1
  1. 1Peace Hospice Care and Hospice of St Francis, Watford, UK
  2. 2The Hospice of St Francis, Berkhamsted


The aim of this project was to implement volunteer supported ‘Real Time’ reporting; which enables patient feedback regarding their service experience to be reviewed and acted upon as it is collected, during a patient experience, rather than collating retrospectively. The project was based on the ‘Listening Differently’ pilot carried out in 2014 by Help the Hospices and Marie Curie.

Two hospices have worked collaboratively together with a volunteer work force to successfully implement this project at local level. The work was driven by a team of 11 volunteers, over seen by Governance and Quality Leads. Project set up was quick and simple and learning experiences were shared across sites. Following set up, the project was run by a dedicated volunteer team. Results have uncovered nuggets of information to build services and improve patient experience.

Real time surveying has been shown to:-

  • Be an acceptable form of survey to patients;

  • empowered all patients to ‘have a voice’ and enabled changes such as:-

    • Supported patient’s preference for a single room

    • Increased understanding ofmedical staff e.g. providing additional attention to giving patients full involvement

    • Additional support devoted to breathing exercises for patients

    • Supporting patients in ‘protected meal times’.

    • Attention to installingheadphones fordouble rooms

  • produced an increase in patient response ratesfrom 24% to 69% in the IPU setting and 20% to 100% within outpatient services

  • Improved the quality of feedback being gathered as patients talked freely to volunteers

  • Enabled a quicker response by the hospicesto feedback therefore improving care instantly.

As a result of these findings, Real Time has been rolled out at both hospices in inpatient and outpatient units.

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