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WA43 Because i care: an innovative initiative by students in palliative care
  1. Mohammad Saifu
  1. Institute of Palliative Medicine, World Health Organisation Collaborating Centres (WHOCC), India


Background Students in Palliative Care (SIPC), an offshoot of Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM) WHOCC, Kozhikode, Kerala, India is

  1. A manifestation of community participation in palliative care.

  2. A vibrant platform of hundreds of student volunteers since 2008.

  3. Is engaged in organising affordable support program for the palliative care needy.

Because I Care (BIC): a grass-root level campaign by SIPC to sensitise community on palliative care, engage in patient care activities and mobilise resources.

Aim To showcase the idea of: 1. Youth involvement in palliative care 2. Explore the possibility of replication.

Method Structured sensitisation in colleges and training programs for enrolled student volunteers.

Results Around 3000 students

  1. Reached out to 30,000 people to pass the messages of palliative care and mobilise resources.

  2. Raised an amount of 1.6 Million Rupees.

  3. Laudable initiatives at regular intervals like Freedom from Pain, Signature of Love, Kites of Compassion etc. An international conference on “youth in palliative care” is also in store.

Conclusion Placing vibrant youngsters at the centre of any development processes can result in inclusiveness and sustainable participation. The campaign helped the students to identify a genuine opportunity to better their own lives and for the community as a whole. Participation of student community in palliative care is possible as Social participation towards a common public good is always an integral character of student communities around the globe.

  1. Compassion is a global phenomenon

  2. Suffering of the patient is almost the same everywhere

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