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P99 How has the introduction of advanced nurse practitioners role transformed the delivery of palliative care at east Cheshire hospice?
  1. Alexandra Clark and
  2. Sarah Dale
  1. East Cheshire Hospice, Macclesfield, UK


The introduction of two advance nurse practitioners (ANP) at East Cheshire hospice (ECH) has led to a more responsive stream line service, that meets the needs of patients, their families, loved ones and the organisation. The continuous presence of ANPs on the inpatient unit and Sunflower centre means they are able to ensure continuity of care and are a vital link between the medical and nursing team.

Evidence shows that the process of admission to discharge has been enhanced. ANPs have proved to be invaluable, as they are in the position to provide care from a diagnostic and examination perspective, whilst using their compassionate nursing skills to build essential therapeutic relationships.

The future of the ANP programme is exciting, the completion of the independent prescribing module will enable them to work autonomously, provide triage for the doctors, and allow the medical team to focus on patients with more complex needs. There have been challenges faced since the implementation of the ANPs and we hope showcasing our role and skills will help colleagues and the external MDT understand the benefit of ANPs to ensure patients needs are met. ANPs are not in place just to fill gaps, but to enhance and improve practice at an individual and organisational level.

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