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Community day care at hospice Africa Uganda
  1. Lisa Christine Irumba and
  2. Octivia Evelyn
  1. Nazziwa Hospice Africa Uganda, Kampala, Uganda


Introduction Palliative care is an approach that improves quality of life of patients and their families facing problems associated with life threatening illness, through prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and careful assessment and treatment of pain and other problems (WHO Geneva 2004) In Uganda, at Hospice Africa Uganda for years there has been a site day care but with time there was an overwhelming number of patients turn up on that day which is a Tuesday. After realising that there many patients from the same catchment area, a community day care was started in 2007 to provide palliative care to the patients and their families in a place that is closer to their community. Community volunteers helped identify the place. These have been trained in managing the terminally ill with Cancer and or HIV/AIDS in the community.

Problem Statement There was lack of transport by the patients, communities lacked trained health workers especially in palliative care, patients had no main physical carers especially during the day so they are normally left alone at home, sad and quiet.

Conclusion The day care has been a success as the patients turn up is good, and now there is more awareness in the community about palliative care. The patients are able to express themselves and share experiences which helps them gain more knowledge, as well as fight stigma among themselves.

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