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Medical cannabis and insomnia in older adults with chronic pain: a cross-sectional study
Sznitman, Sharon R.; Vulfsons, Simon; Meiri, David; Weinstein, Galit

Efficacy and safety of pharmacological cachexia interventions: systematic review and network meta-analysis
Saeteaw, Manit; Sanguanboonyaphong, Phitjira; Yoodee, Jukapun; Craft, Kaitlyn; Sawangjit, Ratree; Ngamphaiboon, Nuttapong; Shantavasinkul, Prapimporn Chattranukulchai; Subongkot, Suphat; Chaiyakunapruk, Nathorn

Preferred and actual place of death in haematological malignancies: a report from the UK haematological malignancy research network
Sheridan, Rebecca; Roman, Eve; Smith, Alex G.; Turner, Andrew; Garry, Anne C.; Patmore, Russell; Howard, Martin R.; Howell, Debra A.

Hospice care access inequalities: a systematic review and narrative synthesis
Tobin, Jake; Rogers, Alice; Winterburn, Isaac; Tullie, Sebastian; Kalyanasundaram, Asanish; Kuhn, Isla; Barclay, Stephen

What can we learn from patients to improve their non-invasive ventilation experience? ‘It was unpleasant; if I was offered it again, I would do what I was told’
Beckert, Lutz; Wiseman, Rachel; Pitama, Suzanne; Landers, Amanda

Cardiorespiratory fitness in breast cancer survivors: a randomised controlled trial of home-based smartphone supported high intensity interval training
Ochi, Eisuke; Tsuji, Katsunori; Narisawa, Tomomi; Shimizu, Yoichi; Kuchiba, Aya; Suto, Akihiko; Jimbo, Kenjiro; Takayama, Shin; Ueno, Taro; Sakurai, Naomi; Matsuoka, Yutaka

Breaking bad news: tackling cultural dilemmas
Holmes, Sophie Nilusha; Illing, Jan

Nutritional status and symptom burden in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: results of the dietetic assessment and intervention in lung cancer (DAIL) trial
Phillips, Iain; Allan, Lindsey; Hug, Adele; Westran, Naomi; Heinemann, Claudia; Hewish, Madeleine; Mehta, Ajay; Saxby, Helen; Ezhil, Veni

Mental healthcare and palliative care: barriers
O’Malley, Kelly; Blakley, Laura; Ramos, Katherine; Torrence, Nicole; Sager, Zachary

Impact of palliative care consult service in inpatient hospital setting: a systematic literature review
Janberidze, Elene; Polakova, Kristyna; Bankovska Motlova, Lucie; Loucka, Martin

mHOMR: a prospective observational study of an automated mortality prediction model to identify patients with unmet palliative needs
Wegier, Pete; Kurahashi, Allison; Saunders, Stephanie; Lokuge, Bhadra; Steinberg, Leah; Myers, Jeff; Koo, Ellen; van Walraven, Carl; Downar, James

Cyclosporine: hope for severe COVID-19?
Pathania, Yashdeep Singh

The nature of suffering and its relief: a proposal for a redefinition
Kioko, Paul Muleli; Meana, Pablo Requena

Coronavirus pandemic: compassionate communities and information technology
Abel, Julian; Taubert, Mark

To be mortal is human: professional consensus around the need for more psychology in palliative care
Sansom-Daly, Ursula M.; Lobb, Elizabeth A.; Evans, Holly E.; Breen, Lauren J.; Ugalde, Anna; Best, Megan; Zomerdijk, Nienke; Beasley, Elizabeth A.; Taylor, Keryn L.; Clayton, Josephine; Sharpe, Louise; Bartula, Iris; Olver, Ian

Sarcopenia and anthracycline cardiotoxicity in patients with cancer
Bas, Onur; Erdemir, Ahmet Gurkan; Onur, Mehmet Ruhi; Ozer, Necla; Sener, Yusuf Ziya; Aksu, Salih; Barista, Ibrahim; Guner, Gurkan; Guven, Deniz Can; Kertmen, Neyran; Aksoy, Sercan; Turker, Alev; Dizdar, Omer

Integration of palliative care into COVID-19 pandemic planning
Fadul, Nada; Elsayem, Ahmed F.; Bruera, Eduardo

Can video consultations replace face-to-face interviews? Palliative medicine and the Covid-19 pandemic: rapid review
Sutherland, Anna Elizabeth; Stickland, Jane; Wee, Bee

Symptom burden and clinical profile of COVID-19 deaths: a rapid systematic review and evidence summary
Keeley, Paul; Buchanan, Deans; Carolan, Clare; Pivodic, Lara; Tavabie, Simon; Noble, Simon

Evaluation of current medical approaches for COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Wang, Meng; Wu, Ting; Zuo, Zhihong; You, Yaxian; Yang, Xinyuan; Pan, Liangyu; Hu, Ying; Luo, Xuan; Jiang, Liping; Xia, Zanxian; Deng, Meichun