Table 2

Example of a clinical case discussed in one onco-palliative ethics meeting

Onco-palliative31 March 20202 April 2020
Information collectedAge53 years
Performance status2
Nutritional statusSevere malnutrition
Type of primitive cancerAnal cancer
MetastasisLung and liver
ComorbiditiesAsthma with long-term therapy
Number of prior lines of anticancer1
Prognosis before COVID-19Rapid recurrence after surgery
Estimated life expectancy <1 year
Family environmentGood family support
Cognitive status and ability to communicateCorrectCorrect
COVID-19 clinical courseMild respiratory distressSevere respiratory distress
Issues discussedResuscitation statusNo transfer in ICUNo transfer in ICU
COVID-19 managementSymptomatic treatmentAddition of an antiviral drug
Cancer treatmentCancer therapeutic suspensionCancer therapeutic stop
SedationNo needAnticipated prescription
Information to deliverBad cancer prognosisVital risk in short-term
EvolutionHospice, death in 17 May
  • ICU, intensive care unit.