Table 5

Comparison of T1 and T2 hours spent visiting patients and associated costs broken down by pay grades and whether the visits are joint or solo visits

Band 5Band 6 and 7ConsultantRegistrarTotal
Difference in solo visit hours361.04−843.81−16.11193.63−305.25
Difference in joint visit hours123.05−412.97−47.29−49.51−386.72
Mean hourly cost (£)12.5217.1043.1824.05N/A
Cost difference for solo visits (£)4520.26−14 429.20−695.594656.84−5947.71
Cost difference for joint visits (£)1540.60−7061.77−2041.89−1190.75−8753.80
  • N/A, not available.