Table 1

Approaches to gathering household cost data in the setting of cancer and/or palliative care

First author, country, yearQualitativeSelf-designed questionnaireSelf-designed questionnaire: tool details providedQuestionnaire informed by qualitative designCost diaries12 months recall of direct costsModelling from national census dataWHO health survey questionnaire
Wang, China, 2015
Gardiner, UK, 2017
Ratcliff, India, 2017
ACTION study group, SE Asia, 2015
Israels, Malawi, 2008
Bhojani, India, 2012
Chuma, Kenya, 2007
Emanuel, India, 2010
Hamid, Bangladesh, 2014
Kavosi, Iran, 2014
Zaidi, Pakistan, 2012
Chen, China 2018
Hailu, Ethiopia, 2013
Bennett, New Zealand 2009
Arrossi, Argentina, 2007