Table 5

Knowledge about substitute decision-makers (N=1120)

Believes statement is true, n (%)Believes statement is false, n (%)Don’t know if statement is true or false, n (%)Answered correctly, n (%)
To help them to make their decisions, substitute decision-makers can access all information about the person they are making decisions for from healthcare provider(s)—True.721 (64.4)83 (7.4)316 (28.2)721 (64.4)
Substitute decision-makers cannot seek a second opinion from other healthcare providers to help inform them when making decisions on someone’s behalf—False.188 (16.8)552 (49.3)380 (33.9)552 (49.3)
Where I live, there are no laws about substitute decision-makers—False.97 (8.7)374 (33.2)649 (57.9)374 (33.2)
Substitute decision-makers are limited in who they can consult in helping them make their decisions—False.235 (21.0)392 (35.0)493 (44.0)392 (35.0)
Once a person has been legally appointed as a substitute decision-maker, they cannot resign from that appointment—False.152 (13.6)493 (44.0)475 (42.4)493 (44.0)