Table 5

Citation patterns and cluster identification

Cluster-IDNarrative description of the contentKeywords no in the clusterColour of clusterCluster (Label)
#1This cluster focused on two main diseases: cancer and heart disease. The words included chemotherapy, dysphagia, mortality, outcomes, prognosis, QOL, radiotherapy, surgery, survival, single ventricle, treatment.16RedChronic heart failure and cancer prognosis
#2The words in this cluster shed light on nursing, care planning, dementia, home care, long-term care, nursing home, older people, quality of care.15GreenNursing home
#3The words in this cluster shed light on pain and symptom related issues such as assessment, delirium, anxiety and depression, dyspnoea, opioid, pain, symptom management.10BluePain and symptom management
#4The word in this cluster summarised the attitudes and knowledge about end-of-life care-related issues, including critical care, quality improvement, decision making, nursing, survey9YellowKnowledge and Attitudes toward end-of-life care
#5This cluster focused on evaluation and quality improvement of services. It included terms such as hospital, intensive care, evaluation, quality.5PurpleQuality improvement of services
#6Communication, decision making, ethics, euthanasia.5GinzaryPalliative care ethics
#7This cluster contains words that focused on ongoing assessment of the services. It covers keywords such as community, health services research, primary care, public health,.5OrangeOngoing assessment of palliative care services
  • QOL, quality of life.