Table 3

The top 15 articles with the most citations

SCR*Authors and years of publicationTitleJournalCitation- ScopusCitation- WOSNINCCountry of research
1stTemel et al, 201020 Early palliative care for patients with metastatic non-small-cell lung cancerNew England Journal of Medicine4216381641USA
2ndDetering et al, 201021 The impact of advance care planning on end of life care in elderly patients: Randomised controlled trialBritish Medical Journal1248114721Australia
3rdTeno et al, 200422 Family Perspectives on End-of-Life Care at the Last Place of CareJournal of the American Medical Association112599831USA
4thMitchell et al, 201156 Prevalence of depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorder in oncological, haematological, and palliative-care settings: A meta-analysis of 94 interview-based studiesThe Lancet Oncology1120100963UK
5thBakitas et al, 200957 Effects of a palliative care intervention on clinical outcomes in patients with advanced cancer: The project ENABLE II randomised controlled trialJournal of the American Medical Association100292791USA
6thZimmermann et al, 201458 Early palliative care for patients with advanced cancer: A cluster-randomised controlled trial.The Lancet84778361Canada
7thHarstell et al, 200559 Randomized trial of short- versus long-course radiotherapy for palliation of painful bone metastasesJournal of the National Cancer Institute56747831USA
8thMorrison et al, 200860 Cost savings associated with US hospital palliative care consultation programsArchives of Internal Medicine55249771USA
9thBrumley et al, 200761 Increased satisfaction with care and lower costs: Results of a randomised trial of in-home palliative careJournal of the American Geriatrics Society54749251USA
10thBakitas et al, 201562 Early versus delayed initiation of concurrent palliative oncology care: Patient outcomes in the ENABLE III randomised controlled trialJournal of Clinical Oncology53651461USA
11thBack et al, 200763 Efficacy of communication skills training for giving bad news and discussing transitions to palliative careArchives of Internal Medicine498461111USA
12thHeyland et al, 200664 What matters most in end-of-life care: Perceptions of seriously ill patients and their family membersCanadian Medical Association Journal425351101Canada
13thTemel et al, 201165 Longitudinal perceptions of prognosis and goals of therapy in patients with metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer: Results of a randomised study of early palliative careJournal of Clinical Oncology41637831USA
14thGade et al, 200866 Impact of an inpatient palliative care team: A randomised control trialJournal of Palliative Medicine382359111USA
15thSchulz et al, 200367 End-of-Life Care and the Effects of Bereavement on Family Caregivers of Persons with DementiaNew England Journal of Medicine38131111USA
  • *Equal articles have the same ranking number andthen the gap is left in the ranking numbers.

  • NC, number of countries affiliated in a paper; NI, number of institutions affiliated in a paper; SCR, standard competition ranking; WOS, Web of Science.