Table 2

Child perspective themes

Child perspective themes
Analytical themesDescriptive themes
1. Openness of communication with children about death and dyingPreparing children for the death of their parent
Anxiety of adults
Involving children following the death
Bereaved children and their peers’ lack of knowledge and experience of death and grief
Others acknowledging the loss
A shared experience of loss
2. Children’s challenges of managing changeChange in identity
Redefining normal
A different relationship with their surviving parent
3. Navigating emotionsAvoiding bereavement interactions with peers for fear of sharing emotions
Suppressing emotions for reciprocal protection
Worry for surviving parent
How losing a parent makes you feel
4. Children’s acceptability, access and engagement with supportTime line to grief
Understanding the sources of support
Support from those who knew them before their loss
Distraction from their loss
Continued relationship with the deceased
The role of religion and faith