Table 2

Preferences of LTCF residents for written advance directives by country in 2014

Belgium (N=291)Finland (N=269)Italy (N=200)The Netherlands (N=222)Poland (N=311)United Kingdom (N=91)
One or more advance directive13446.010840.110.111752.7154.87076.9
expressed in the living will
Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation12141.69836.400.010346.420.66975.8
Do not hospitalise9633.0217.810.100.061.91819.8
Request to try all life prolonging62.151.900.020.972.300.0
Palliative/terminal sedation155.2NANANANANA
Wish for euthanasia103.4NANA115.0NANA
Treatments not used or00.0134.800.0125.400.000.0
Other personal statement289.6103.700.062.720.622.2
Resident's preferences165.5114.194.5100.5247.766.6
not filled in
Surrogate decision-maker appointed by the resident9432.38632.03015.0NA10333.45257.1
  • LTCF, long-term care facility; NA, not answered, question not asked.