Table 4

Any written advance directive and sociodemographic variables in 2014. Results of multivariate multilevel analysis

Multivariate multilevel analysis: Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom combined. Country adjusted. Facility as random intercept
VariableP valueOR95% Confidence limitsOverall p value
Finland0.2840.790.51 to 1.22
The Netherlands0.0182.041.13 to 3.70
Poland<0.0010.090.04 to 0.19
United Kingdom<0.0014.222.13 to 8.37
Age ≤80ref10.635
Age 81–890.4250.830.53 to 1.31
Age ≥900.8320.950.59 to 1.53
Sex: maleref10.236
Sex: female0.2361.230.87 to 1.75
Marital status: married or in a long-term relationshipref10.099
Marital status: never married0.7210.840.32 to 2.22
Marital status: widowed0.2531.270.84 to 1.93
Marital status: divorced0.0840.590.33 to 1.07
Marital status: unknown0.8691.070.46 to 2.48
Type of LTCF=1ref1
Type of LTCF=2–30.0022.781.46 to 5.33
Resident capable of expressing at admission
Yes or partly<0.0013.232.17 to 4.80
  • LTCF, long-term care facility.