Table 3

Patient and caregiver experience with phone/video consultations (N=68)

With reference to the phone/video calls you had with the PC physician in the last period:Patient (N=49)Caregiver (N=19)
Mean (SD)%*Mean (SD)%*
Did you happen not to be able to explain (your /your relative) symptoms to the doctor? (a)1.2 (0.4)821.2 (0.4)79
Did you happen to have difficulties in understanding dosages or how to take the prescribed drugs? (a)1.1 (0.3)921.2 (0.4)84
Did you happen to lack time enough to talk with the doctor? (a)1.1 (0.3)901.2 (0.5)79
After the phone/video calls, how hard was it to obtain the recipes of prescribed drugs? (b)1.3 (0.7)851.3 (0.7)85
Have (you/your relative) felt neglected as compared with when (you/he/she) would come regularly at the hospital? (b)1.1 (0.5)921.3 (0.8)84
Did you happen to feel uncomfortable, during the phone/video calls? (b)1.0 (0.1)981.1 (0.3)89
Has it been relevant for (you /your relative) to reduce the number of times you came to the hospital? (c)3.3 (1.1)143.5 (1.4)36
Have (you /your relative) felt safer not to come frequently to the hospital? (c)2.9 (1.2)63.1 (1.4)21
  • (a) Negatively phrased item with responses ranging from 1=‘never’ to 5 ‘always’.

  • (b) Negatively phrased item with responses ranging from 1=‘not at all’ to 5 ‘extremely’.

  • (c) Positively phrased items with responses ranging from 1=‘ not at all’ to 5 ‘extremely’.

  • *Percentage of patients reporting an ‘extremely positive score’.

  • PC, palliative care.