Table 4

The length of time (days) prior to death an ACP put in place and when person recognised as dying by disease type versus controls and location of death

Advance care plan in place (days)Recognition of dying (days)
nMean±SDMedian (range)nMean±SDMedian (range)
By disease type
 Control population42123.1±339.717 (0–2095)4720.5±52.89 (0–365)
 Parkinson’s disease67118.6±222.215 (0–1009)6422.8±50.69 (0–378)
 Multiple sclerosis70345.5±648.1119 (1–3928)7435.5±135.310 (0–1151)
Died in hospital
 Yes36417.6±887.869.5 (2–3928)3824.3±41.19 (0–221)
 No142152.5±257.830 (0–1503)14728.1±103.78 (0–1151)
Died at home
 Yes53122.9±253.316 (0–1503)5510.7+9.58 (0–43)
 No125241.5±532.249 (0–3928)13034.3+111.610.5 (0–1151)
  • ACP, advance care planning.