Table 2

Qualitative studies. Quality assessed using the Standard Quality Assessment Criteria for Evaluating Primary Research Papers from a variety of fields

AuthorsQuestion/objective sufficiently described?Study design evident and appropriate?Context for the study clear?Connection to a theoretical framework/wider body of knowledge?Sampling strategy described, relevant and justified?Data collection methods clearly described and systematic?Data analysis clearly described and systematic?Use of verification procedure(s) to establish credibility?
(Yes or No only)
Conclusions supported by the results?Reflexivity of the account?Summary score
Cheung et al4222222222100.85Yes2
Clarke et al4322121122210.8Partial1
de Graaff et al4422222222110.9No0
Dees et al4522221122210.85NA
Gerber et al4622222222200.9
Gerber et al4722221212110.8
Holdsworth and King4822221210110.7
Luijkx and Schols4922221210200.7
Piil et al5022222212100.8
Preisler et al5122222220210.85
Sellars et al5222222222210.95
Simon et al5322222222200.9
Thomas et al5412221222210.85
Yurk et al5512222122210.85
Zhang and Siminoff5622222212110.85
  • The summary score for each study is derived by calculating the total score obtained across the 10 items and dividing by 20 (the total possible score).