Table 4

Analysis of the G-CSF preference for primary and secondary prophylaxis according to healthcare sector in which the physicians work

G-CSF attributePrimary prophylaxis preferenceSecondary prophylaxis preference (exploratory analysis)
Public sector (n=150)Private sector (exclusively or with public sector) (n=55)Public sector (n=150)Private sector (exclusively or with public sector) (n=55)
CoefficientP valueCoefficientP valueCoefficientP valueCoefficientP value
Risk of febrile neutropenia with prophylaxis0.0380.042
G-CSF characteristic
G-CSF administration and cost
Cost per injection, including cost of nurse (euros)0.11×<0.0010.125<0.0010.098<0.0010.114<0.001
Number of injections per chemotherapy cycle0.213<0.0010.208<0.0010.147<0.0010.096<0.001
Pain at the injection site0.072<0.0010.0910.0040.0820.012
Bone pain present−0.040.034−0.072<0.001−0.0730.025
Fever/influenza syndrome present−0.04×0.041−0.0820.012
  • G-CSF, granulocyte colony-stimulating factors.