Table 3

Results from the analysis of the physician preferences for G-CSF as primary and secondary prophylaxes

G-CSF attributeAs primary prophylaxisAs secondary prophylaxis
Coefficient (error type)P valueCoefficient (error type)P value
Risk of febrile neutropenia with prophylaxis0.039 (0.016)0.0150.094 (0.017)<0.001
G-CSF characteristic
Biosimilar0.145 (0.018)<0.0010.110 (0.018)<0.001
G-CSF administration and cost
Cost per injection, including cost of nurse (euros)0.114 (0.010)<0.0010.106 (0.011)<0.001
Number of injections per chemotherapy cycle0.212 (0.010)<0.0010.137 (0.011)<0.001
Pain at the injection site0.077 (0.016)<0.0010.046 (0.017)0.005
Bone pain present−0.040 (0.016)0.012−0.072 (0.017)<0.001
Fever/influenza syndrome present−0.037 (0.016)0.023−0.051 (0.017)0.002
  • G-CSF, granulocyte colony-stimulating factors.