Table 1

Triangulation of findings

Key findingScoping reviewSurvey
The ‘end of life’ phase should be clearly definedPartial agreementAgreement
The primary goal of using antibiotics in patients towards the end of life is to palliate symptomsPartial agreementAgreement
Antibiotics are given because an infection may be treatable, irrespective of the patient’s prognosisAgreementAgreement
Symptoms of infection are often treated with medications other than antibioticsSilenceAgreement
Patient preferences regarding antibiotics should be discussed and documented in an advanced care planPartial agreement and partial disagreementAgreement
Families and carers can influence the clinician’s decision to prescribe antibioticsAgreementAgreement
Use of intravenous and/or second/ third-line antibiotics is not appropriateDisagreementAgreement
Guidance on the use of antibiotics towards the end of life would be helpful but should allow for personalised approach to careAgreementAgreement