Table 1

Identified indicators for assessment of PC integration into the health system*

AreasExperts consultedIndicators
PaediatricProfessor Julia Downing, Ms Joan Martson, Ms Lizzie ChambersNumber of paediatric PC services for children in hospitals.
Number of paediatric PC services for children in home care.
Number of paediatric PC services for children in hospices.
CardiologyDr Pablo Díez Villanueva, Dr Manuel Martínez SellésExistence of pioneering cardiology services providing PC.
Inclusion of PC topics in cardiology congresses and vice versa.
Existence of periodical meetings between the national PC and cardiology association.
Number of publications regarding PC provision in cardiology services.
OncologyOnline database search: ESMO, and ScopusExistence of certified centres for the integration of oncology and PC.
Clinical trials on early integration of PC in oncological treatments.
Number of publications on the integration of PC and oncology.
Primary care levelProfessor Dr Scott Murray, Dr Sebastien MoinePercentage of PC patients identified at the primary care level.
Existence of incentives to promote early identification of PC patients at the primary care level.
Existence of official policy documents regulating primary PC (laws or strategies/plans/policies) and primary PC education.
Long-term care facilitiesProfessor Katherine Froggatt, Dr Lieve van den BlockExistence of official documents regulating PC provision at LTCFs.
Existence of PC training programmes for staff working at LTCFs.
Existence of publications regarding the provision of PC at LTCFs.
Collaboration frequency between PC teams and LTCFs (estimate).
Fund allocation for the provision of PC at LTCFs.
Volunteers in hospice and PCMs Leena Pelttari, Ms Ros ScottNumber of volunteer hospices.
Number of PC volunteers.
Existence of data collection systems to track PC volunteering activities.
Existence of training programmes for PC volunteers.
  • *Source: Arias-Casais et al. 22

  • LTCFs, long-term care facilities; PC, palliative care.