Table 2

The four IM curriculum learning modules

Core moduleMajor aspectsSub-themes
IntroductionIM modalities in specific IM clinical settingsHerbal medicine in integrative oncology; mind–body medicine in the surgical setting; acupuncture and touch-manual therapies in the hospital setting
Meeting with the IM expertExploring core issues in daily IM practiceSupportive cancer care; palliative care; gynecological–oncology intraoperative setting; internal medicine; paediatric haemato-oncology; pain clinics; inpatient psychiatry department; neurology; family medicine and paediatrics
Daily learning assignmentsViewing a MOOC titled ‘Traditional herbal medicine in supportive cancer care: from alternative to integrative’Viewing between five and six designated video clips (1 hour in total) daily; the MOOC was launched in 2019 on the Coursera platform, in collaboration with the Technion Institute of Technology.*
Individual skill-related tasksFor example, exercise on how to search the scientific literature for information on herbal products, primarily with respect to effectiveness, and in addition, students were required to analyse two patient–physician simulated interactions, identifying 10 core themes during the initial intake with patients using herbal supplements during oncology treatment.
Online meetings of student pairs with physician and non-physician IM mentorsMeetings were conducted via digital media (eg, Skype, WhatsApp video and Zoom) for a 45 min daily discussion, with each pair interviewing five different mentors during the course. During the meetings, the student pairs heard about the integrative clinical setting in which the mentor is working and how they are able to implement integration in their daily practice, and discuss a patient case from the mentor’s practice and the role of IM in their care, with an emphasis on implementing these treatments in a conventional medical setting.
International perspectivesLearning about international initiatives in IMThe discussion focused on the implications of the COVID-19 epidemic on implementing IM in an integrative framework. The session also addressed maintaining continuity of care in IM, this from primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care.