Table 2

Concepts, subthemes and themes obtained in the study

FacilitatorsImprovement of relationshipAdequate relationship, the establishment of relationship, intimate relationship, mutual trust
Adequate education and counsellingEffective education, adequate consultation, counselling provision, acceptable education, follow-up and counselling, constant education and counselling, counselling adequacy
Adequate care and supportContinuous care, effective care, useful care and support, comprehensive support, support and defence of the patient, continuity of care
Improvement and promotion of healthRapid recovery, promotion of health and well-being, more health, feeling more better, accelerating the health process
BarriersLack of previous knowledge and experienceLow awareness, insufficient experience, insufficient awareness and cognition, lack of previous experience, lack of previous knowledge
Infrastructure problemsPoor internet, hardware-related problems, the difficulty of working with software, lack of necessary infrastructure, cost-related problems, financial issues, costliness
Confusion in hospital programmesLack of a plan, confusion in the implementation of telenursing programme, no priority of telenursing, lack of proper instructions
Pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemicProblems caused by COVID-19, numerous patients, a high number of hospitalised patients, pressures of the disease, problems of the pandemic
  • COVID-19, Coronavirus disease 2019.