Table 1

Characteristics of onco-palliative ethics meetings for patients with advanced cancer and COVID-19

MembersNurses and physicians from the ward
Treating oncologist and other oncologists
Intensive care physician
Palliative care team
At least one ethics committee member
Daily basis
Report in medical chart
Type of caseAdvanced cancer inpatient treated for COVID-19 disease
Data presentedAge, performance status, nutritional status and albuminaemia
Type of primitive cancer and metastasis
Number of prior lines of anticancer treatments
Prognosis (before COVID-19 infection)
Cognitive status and ability to communicate
Family environment
Prognosis or end-of life discussions
Clinical course of COVID-19 infection
Types of medical decisionResuscitation status
COVID-19 disease management
Anticancer treatment changes or discontinuation
Sedation and end-of-life care
Information to be delivered to patients and relatives
Information to the patientPatient’s bedside
Information to relativesPatient’s bedside, phone contact and individual meeting
TraceabilityMinutes of the debate systematically included in the medical file