Table 2

Recommendations and practical measures for preventing burnout and promoting resilience

CategoriesThemesPractical measures
  • Allows autonomy.

  • Avoids micromanagement.

Caring and compassionate
  • Showing care in practical ways. For example, buying food.

  • Forgiving mistakes.

Good communicator
  • Having open lines of communication.

  • Being a good listener.

  • Open to new ideas.

Protects the team
  • Takes responsibility during a crisis/complaint.

  • Watching out for burnout within the team.

  • Choosing people with ‘similar values’.

  • Creating a ‘positive’ team culture.

Caring for the team
  • Supporting each other emotionally (especially in challenging cases).

Sharing the burden
  • Being open and vulnerable.

  • Willing to ask for help when needed.

Growing together
  • Resolving conflicts constructively.

  • Mindset of working through issues together.

OrganisationsStrong support for palliative care
  • Strong belief in palliative care.

Staff welfare
  • Flexible work arrangements.

  • Granting ‘leave’ for family commitments.

Developing staff
  • Supporting staff to attend courses, conferences or work attachments.

Open communications
  • Open to feedback from clinical teams.

Managing workload
  • Ensuring adequate staffing.

Organisational activities
  • Regular ‘social gatherings’* or ‘Zoom Meetings’.†

  • *During non-COVID-19 periods.

  • †During COVID-19.