Table 10

Domperidone orodispersible

Domperidone orodispersible
What is it?Antiemetic
Mechanism of actionProkinetic D2 antagonist
Starting dose10 mg prn three times a day
Time to onset of effect30 min(17)
Formulation10 mg orodispersible tablets
IndicationNausea and vomiting
Common adverse effectsDry mouth; anxiety; asthenia; breast abnormalities; diarrhoea; drowsiness; headache; lactation disorders16
ContraindicationsQT abnormality
CautionPatients >60
LicenceOrodisperible tablet unlicensed product
BenefitsAlternative route of administration
RisksExtrapyramidal adverse effects
CostOrodispersible tablet—special price of application