Table 18

Loperamide orodispersible

Loperamide orodispersible
What is it?Anti-diarrheal agent
Mechanism of actionOpioid agonist effect on the large intestine
Starting dose2–4 mg as needed maximum four times a day
Time to onset of effect1 hour17
FormulationOrodispersible tablets
IndicationDiarrhoea; colic
Common adverse effects‘Gastrointestinal disorders; headache; nausea’16
Contraindications‘Active ulcerative colitis; antibiotic-associated colitis; bacterial enterocolitis; conditions where abdominal distension develops; conditions where inhibition of peristalsis should be avoided’16
Caution‘Serious cardiovascular events (such as QT prolongation, torsades de pointes, and cardiac arrest)’16
LicencingLicenced formulation
BenefitsA licenced orodispersible alternative for with good bioavailability in contrast to other alternatives such as hyoscine hydrobromide or glycopyrronium which have very low bioavailability when given via oral or buccal route
RisksQT prolongation risk not yet widely recognised in clinical practice
Cost£5.85 for 18×2 mg orodispersible tablets