Table 1

Characteristics of respondents participating in individual interviews, focus groups, testing and evaluation round

Stage 1bStage 2Stage 3a1Stage 3a2Stage 3bStage 4
Healthcare professionals (HCP) (n)26121414145
 Cardiologist (n)421411
 Heart failure nurse specialist (n)322232
 Registered nurse (n)633430
 Cardiologist in training (n)020010
 General practice-based nurse specialist (n)234121
 General practitioner (n)402020
 Elderly care physician (n)101100
 Palliative care specialist/consultant (n)200100
 Physician-researcher cardiology (n)001111
 Medical doctor nursing home (n)100000
 Certified nurse assistant (n)100000
 Team leader (n)200000
Type of organisations
 Hospital (n)15871284
 General practice (n)636141
 Long-term care facility (n)511110
Mean age (years)na49 (27–62)nananana
Age category (n)
 21–30 years213321
 31–40 years612210
 41–50 years833320
 51–60 years664653
 61–70 years412041
Patients and family care givers (n)235nanana4
 Patients (n)133nanana3
 Family caregivers (n)102nanana1
Mean age (years)
 Patients71 (51–89)69 (54–86)nanana68 (55–81)
 Family caregivers71 (43–86)68 (54–82)nanana54 (54)
  • Stage 1b: identification needs and questions using qualitative research; stage 2: prioritisation and refinement of the needs and questions in focus groups; stage 3a1: testing and online feedback on V.1; stage 3a2: online feedback on V.1 without testing; stage 3b: selecting and refining care recommendations; stage 4: testing and review of V.2. Three HCPs completed an online questionnaire after testing and two of them were able to participate in a telephone in-depth interview. One HCP filled in an online questionnaire and one HCP participated in a telephone interview, both without testing.

  • na, not applicable.