Table 2

Structures of psycho-oncological care in the participating breast cancer centres

Provision of psycho-oncological care by permanent employees Frequency %
Full-time-equivalent employees Frequency %
Mean SD
Full-time-equivalent employees 1.230.70
Professions involved in the psycho-oncological care Frequency %
 Psychological service4590.0
 Social service3163.3
 Medical service4180.4
 Nursing staff2041.7
 Breast care nurses3978.0
 Spiritual service3166.0
Is the staffing level sufficient to meet the psycho-oncological care needs of patients with breast cancer? Frequency %
Correlation analysis r P value
 FTE × number of surgeries (proxy for hospital size/number of patients)0.2920.051
  • FTE, full-time-equivalent employees; r, Pearson correlation coefficient.