Table 3

Adjusted association between physicians’ perception of spirituality and the provision of spiritual end-of-life care

OR95% CI
Physicians’ perception of spirituality
Adjusted number of non-spiritual quality of life items included as spiritual, per item 1.33 1.11 to 1.60
Age1.000.96 to 1.05
Female gender0.930.52 to 1.67
Additional training in palliative care 5.0 2.0 to 13
Experience as a certified elderly care physician, per year1.000.95 to 1.05
No current religious denomination0.770.42 to 1.4
Religiosity, sum score on the Spiritual Beliefs and Practices Scale, increment* 1.09 1.01 to 1.16
Total number of endorsed items (spiritual and non-spiritual)0.900.77 to 1.04