Table 1

Patients’ planned and actual treatment pathway

GenderAgeMDT recommendationDecidedDurationSurvivalStatus
Female72Pall chemoPall chemoNo treatment2 weeksDeceased
Female73Pall chemoPall chemoStopped3 weeksDeceased
Female71Pall chemoPall chemo3 of 4 cycles4 monthsDeceased
Female67Pall radio/chemoPall radio/no chemoNo chemo1 yearDeceased
Female61Pall chemo/best supportive careBest supportive careNo treatment4 weeksDeceased
Female52Pall chemoPall chemoCompleted3 monthsDeceased
Female65Pall chemoPall chemoStopped6 weeksDeceased
Male59Pall chemoPall chemoCompleted3 monthsAlive*
Male70Pall radioPall radioCompleted9 monthsAlive*
Male80Pall chemo/best supportive careBest supportive careNo chemo3 monthsDeceased
Male76Pall chemo/trialPall chemo4 cycles1 monthDeceased
Male66Pall chemo/trialPall chemo4 cycles5 monthsDeceased
Male68Pall chemoPall chemo4 cycles then pall radio after 1 year1 year/1 monthDeceased
Male71Pall chemoNo treatmentNo treatment4 monthsDeceased
Male65Pall chemo/trialTrialOngoing3 monthsAlive
  • *At end of study.

  • MDT, multidisciplinary team.