Table 1

Sources of data

Data sourceCompleted byData items
H@H provision of service log (completed each day of the evaluation)H@H lead nurseNumber of: episodes of care provided, episodes of care requested but not fulfilled, episodes of care declined per day*
Referral formsPerson referring patient to H@H serviceReasons for referral (tick boxes)
Referrer role
Patient’s GeneralPractice
Hospice-based patient communication/nursing notesH@H nurses and healthcare assistantsAge, diagnosis, residential status, medications and treatments on referral, medications and treatments and service use during H@H service input, input of other services, telephone calls made and received, evidence of discussions relating to preferred place of care and death and ‘do not resuscitate’ status, carer information, cause of death
Night care documentsH@H nurses and healthcare assistants after provision of episode of overnight careOvernight actions including: care given, ‘just in case’ medications administered, contact with out of hours services, plus comments transcribed verbatim from the free text comments box for in which H@H staff recorded any other information they wanted to include
  • *Episode of care=care overnight.

  • H@H, Hospice at Home.