Table 5

Quality of available evidence, broken down by review subquestion

Review subquestionHigh-quality papers (n=3)Medium-quality papers (n=5)Low-quality papers (n=6)
1. Does ACP improve outcomes? (n=2)Detering et al 28 (n=1)Bristowe et al 29 (n=1)(n=0)
2. What are the views of patients, relatives and healthcare professionals regarding ACP? (n=8)Peck et al 33 (n=1)Cheang et al,30 Schiff et al,31 Schiff et al 32 (n=3)Black,41 Black,34 Black and Emmet,35 Perez et al 36 (n=4)
3. Does ACP currently occur? (n=4)Barnato et al,38 Detering et al 28 (n=2)Cheang et al,30 Scott et al 37 (n=2)(n=0)
4. What are the facilitators and barriers to ACP? (n=11)Barnato et al 38 Detering et al,28 Peck et al 33 (n=3)Cheang et al,30 Scott et al 37 (n=2)Black,41 Black,34 Black and Emmet,35 Cantillo et al,39 Detering et al,40 Perez et al 36 (n=6)
  • ACP, advance care planning.