Table 2

Comparisons of density among family members with density of ties family to friends, community and service providers

N caring networks in the analysisRelationshipsDensity* (SD)Density differences—comparisons with interfamilial relationshipsSignificance of density differences t (P)
35Family–family0.73 (0.49)NANA
35Family–friends0.61 (0.53)−0.121.32 (0.19)
17Family–community0.41 (0.34)−0.312.60 (0.02)
29†Family–service providers0.22 (0.31)−0.504.88 (<0.0005)
  • *These analyses include all networks that named service providers in the network in the transcript.

  • †Density takes into account the strength of the ties that ranged from 0 to 3.

  • NA, not applicable.