Table 3

Characteristics of EPaCCS studies reporting place of death and preferred place of death

AuthorSample% with cancerPPD home (%)PPD achieved (%)PPD achieved if PPD was home (%)/hospice (%)Likelihood of hospital death OR (95% CI)*
Allsop et al 6 1229557565/83
Broadhurst et al 29 6854435579
Callender et al 30 902757657872/79
Millington-Sanders et al 32 59735†
Smith et al 7 20746405568/34
Purdy et al 34 1022‡680.30 (0.13 to 0.69)*
2572§0.22 (0.12 to 0.40)*
  • *OR for dying at home for those with an EPaCCS record versus those without an EPaCCS record, adjusted by gender, age, deprivation and cause of death.

  • †29.0% of the 138 individuals who died in the sample died at home.

  • ‡North Somerset.

  • §Somerset.

  • EPaCCS, electronic palliative care coordination systems; EoLC, end-of-life care; PPD, preferred place of death.