Table 2

Differences between teams' models of care

TeamGeographyNumber of decedents 2009–2011Median time on service (days)Palliative care physicians
FTE (funding source)
FTE (funding source)
Other team members
FTE (funding source)
Main model
of care*
1Urban830401(FFS billing)8(Regional health authority)2(Regional health authority)Substitution
2Suburban221533(FFS billing)3.5(Regional health authority)5(Community fundraising and regional health authority)Substitution
3Suburban144381(FFS billing)1(Homecare coordinating agency)0.6(Homecare coordinating agency)Mixed
4Suburban125401(FFS billing)2(Homecare coordinating agency)1(Homecare coordinating agency)Mixed
5Suburban105360.5(FFS billing)1(Homecare coordinating agency)0.2(Community fundraising)Shared care
6Rural90632(Alternative payment plan)2(Homecare coordinating agency)1.2(Local primary care team)Mixed
7Urban6764511.5(Alternative payment plan)1(Hospital and community fundraising)5.9(Physician's alternative payment plan)Substitution
8Suburban497492(FFS billing and alternative payment plan)2(Homecare coordinating agency)1(Homecare coordinating agency)Substitution
9Urban775381.3(FFS billing)3(Regional health authority)1.7(Local hospital)Consultation
10Rural268230.6(Alternative payment plan)1(Homecare coordinating agency)2.5(Local hospital and homecare coordinating agency)Shared care
11Rural181326(FFS billing)2(Community fundraising)4.7(Community fundraising and local hospital)Shared care
  • FFS, fee-for-service, that is, physician bills for each aspect of care and service they provide according to a set price mechanism.

  • Alternative payment plan, that is, physician reimbursement is a combination of FFS and salary.

  • *We used Pereira's framework13 which depicts a spectrum of models of care ranging from: (1) substitution (specialist provider takes on full responsibility for care and family physician is no longer involved); to (2) shared care (decision-making is shared between specialist provider and family physician); to (3) consultation (family physician has full responsibility for decision-making and asks specialist for advice on a particular issue).

  • FTE, full time equivalent.