Table 6

Lymphoedema activity by diagnosis

CategoryNo of attendances% of activity
Cancer of breast162312.5
Cancers of female genital organs7265.6
Cancers of lip, oral cavity and pharynx3752.9
Cancer of unknown primary or other unspecified2061.6
Cancers of male genital organs, including prostate1631.3
Cancers of digestive organs, including colon, rectum, stomach, excluding liver, GB, pancreas1361.0
Cancers of respiratory and intrathoracic organs, including lung770.6
Lymphoid and haematopoietic cancers740.6
Cancers of urinary tract290.2
Cancers of bone, skin, mesothelial and soft tissue, thyroid or endocrine240.2
Cancers of brain, eye and other CNS240.2
Cancer of independent multiple sites150.1
Cancer of liver, intrahepatic bile ducts, gallbladder—specified separate from digestive*0.02
Cancer of pancreas—specified separate from digestive*0.01
Cancer subtotal347626.8
Other heart or circulatory, excluding heart failure and stroke627248.4
All other non-cancer diagnoses (everything not included above)3002.3
Neurological conditions (excluding MND and Alzheimer’s)1200.9
Chronic respiratory disease840.6
Heart failure530.4
Chronic renal failure290.2
Dementia including Alzheimer’s140.1
Diabetes mellitus80.1
Motor neuron disease*0.05
Liver failure, chronic liver disease, other non-malignant liver disease*0.02
Stroke, infarction or haemorrhagic—specified separate0.0
Non-cancer subtotal688853.1
Total12 965100
  • *Number is <6.

  • CNS, Central Nervous System; GB, Gall Bladder; MND, Motor Neuron Disease.