Table 2

Studies reports of repeated end-of-life emergency department (ED) consultation

StudyPatients, NType of cancerInclusion criteria≥1 ED visit (%)
Ersek et al42847NSCLCAny66.90
Falchook et al3212 765LungPatient <65 years1.8
Wu et al2349 920AllPalliative chemotherapy <6 months34
Any chemotherapy13.7
Henson et al43681AllAny29.70
Wright et al141146AllAny7.90
Wang et al5282 242All200534
Choi et al30263All200222.8
Cheung et al31107 253AllAny14.7
Amano et al58266AllEarly palliative care11
Mack et al461231NSCLC and colorectalAny40
Ho et al3722 761All19938.60
Gonsalves et al44200All20026
Keating et al475826NSCLC and colorectalVHA cohort13.10
SEER cohort14.70
Tang et al28242 530AllTrend 2000–200618.3
Temel et al3646NSCLCIntegrated palliative care10
Barbera et al345855AllAny32.20
Earle et al1628 777All19937.20
  • ED, emergency department; NSCLC, non-small cell lung cancer; SEER, Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results; SOC, standard of care; VHA, Veterans Health Administration.