Table 1

Demographic variables for each comparison group—patient, ICG and HCP

VariablePatient, n (%)ICG, n (%)HCP, n (%)
 Male(32) 49.222 (33.8)
 Female(33) 47.732 (49.2)61 (93.8)
Median age (minimum, maximum)78.0 (55, 89)55.0 (20.0, 88.0)NA
Mean age (SD)75.4 (8.45)56.5 (15.5)NA
Relationship of ICG to patient
 Spouse/partnerNA16 (24.6)NA
 ChildNA28 (43.1)NA
 SiblingNA3 (4.6)NA
 OtherNA7 (10.8)NA
Number of days HCP has spent looking after the patient (mean)NANA12.2
Years since graduation for HCP (mean)NANA9.25
 Cancer(59) 93.8NANA
 Non-cancer(4) 6.2NANA
  • Where percentages do not total 100% this is due to missing data (n=65).

  • HCP, healthcare professional; ICG, informal caregiver; NA, not applicable.