Table 3

Selected sociodemographic variables and written advance directive in 2014.

Univariate multilevel analysis: Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom combined. All analyses adjusted by country. Facility as random intercept
Variablen (%)Directive existsP valueOR95% Confidence limits
 ‎‎Belgium275 (24.6)13448.7ref1
 Finland258 (23.1)10841.90.1240.730.49 to 1.09
 The Netherlands212 (19.0)11755.20.3401.240.80 to 1.91
 Poland287 (25.7)144.9<0.0010.050.03 to 0.10
 United Kingdom85 (7.6)7082.4<0.0014.722.45 to 9.07
Age ≤80291 (23.1)7024.1ref1
Age 81–89552 (43.8)17731.10.7811.060.71 to 1.58
Age ≥90416 (33.0)17040.80.1361.370.91 to 2.07
Sex: male428 (33.9)13230.8ref1
Sex: female835 (66.1)29335.10.0861.300.96 to 1.76
Marital status: married or in a long-term relationship270 (21.6)8933.0ref1
Marital status: never married50 (4.0)1122.00.8641.090.42 to 2.78
Marital status: widowed720 (57.5)26837.20.0371.461.02
Marital status: divorced142 (11.3)3121.80.2310.710.40
Marital status: unknown70 (5.6)1724.30.7811.110.52
Type of LTCF=1276 (25.3)5419.6ref1
Type of LTCF=2–3814 (74.7)37245.7<0.0012.861.59
Resident capable of expressing at admission
Yes or partly305 (27.5)38347.6<0.0013.262.26
No804 (72.5)5618.4ref1
  • LTCF, long-term care facility.