Table 2

Sample of evaluative comments

Pilot 1Very informative
Resources will be useful
Recognition of things we do well and value of support we give
Would have liked more time to discuss—sometimes felt a little rushed
Sometimes felt a bit too general, more specifics would have been helpful
Informative discussions and ability to share best practice
Opportunity to discuss difficult topic in appropriate manner without being too sad/upsetting
Pilot 2Opportunity to think about emotional impact of caring in EOL situations
Presented in a way that did not leave you emotionally drained
Whole day has been interesting and informative
More time for talking about how issues may affect people and make it more difficult to support people
The principles were a little confusing to get your head round
Information on websites brill!
Reflecting on case studies and networking with participants
Pilot 3Thoroughly stimulating day, which excellently supported underpinning knowledge of end-of-life carer issues
This would be perfect for carer support workers and dementia advisors in particular
The way the workbook was set out was clear
Possibly address carers in a residential setting as well
  • EOL, End of Life.