Table 1

Piloting and evaluation process

No of traineesTrainersForm of evaluationInvolving
Pilot 1
January 2014
12, from 6 organisationsMembers of research teamEvaluation forms at end of dayTrainees
Evaluator taking notesObserver from research team
Follow-up discussionsTrainees with members of research team
Pilot 2
September 2014
12 from 7 organisationsAge UK trainerEvaluation forms at end of dayTrainees
Evaluator taking notesAnother observer from research team
Phone interviewTrainer
Pilot 3
December 2014
7 from 4 organisations2 Hospice trainersEvaluation forms at end of dayTrainees
Phone interviewTrainers
Pilot 4
March 2015
5 from 2 organisationsTrainees as trainers—took turns to deliver the training and to receive trainingEvaluation formsTrainees/trainers