Table 1

Acceptability of the Short Graphic Values History Tool

Family practices
Clarity of language (1=very unclear; 5=very clear)4.4 (0.5)4.5 (0.5)
Amount of information (1=much less than I wanted; 5=much more than I wanted)3.4 (0.7)3.0 (0.0)
Ease of use (1=very difficult; 5=very easy)4.2 (0.4)4.1 (0.9)
Helpfulness for a person thinking about medical treatment for a serious illness (1=very unhelpful; 5=very helpful)4.5 (0.5)4.8 (0.5)
Likely to use if recommended by doctor (1=definitely would not; 5=definitely would)4.4 (0.8)4.3 (0.7)
Recommend to someone else for the purpose of discussing options for medical treatment of a serious illness (1=definitely would not; 5=definitely would)4.2 (1.0)3.8 (1.2)
Global rating of tool: ‘Overall, how would you rate the tool?’ (1=very poor; 5=very good)4.3 (0.8)4.5 (0.5)
  • All data are reported as mean (SD).