Table 1

MEDLINE search strategy

IDSearch term
1(MH “Advance Care Planning”) OR (MH “Advance Directive Adherence”:) OR (MH “Terminal Care”) OR “advance care plan*”
2(MH “Palliative Care”) OR “palliative care” OR (MH “Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing”) OR (MH “Terminal Care”)
3(MH “Terminal Care”) OR “terminal care” OR (MH “Terminally Ill”)
41 OR 2 R 3
5(MH “Primary Health Care”) OR “primary health care” OR (MH “Physicians, Primary Care”)
6(MH “General Practitioners”) OR (MH “General Practice”) OR “general practitioner*” OR “Family Practitioner*” or “Family Physician*”
7(MH “Family Practice”) OR (MH “General Practice”) OR (MH “Physicians, Family”) OR (MH “Private Practice”)
85 OR 6 OR 7
94 AND 8
10(MH “Delivery of Health Care, Integrated”) OR (MH “Systems Integration”) OR (MH “Integrative Medicine”)
11(MH “Case Management”) OR (MH “Managed Care programs”)
12(MH “Continuity of Patient Care”)
13(MH “Interdisciplinary Communication”)
1410 OR 11 OR 12 OR 13
159 AND 14