Table 1

Centre characteristics*

Institution nameCountryInstitution type†Number of PC-bedsProfessional background of head of PC programmePhysician specialists in the PC programme‡Availability of physiciansAvailability of nursesProfessors in the PC programmeResearch staff in the PC programme§
Southern Adelaide Palliative Services, Adelaide, South AustraliaAUCancer centre with inpatient PCU15Psycho-oncology nursingPC spec: 2.5 Respiratory med: 0.624/724/7YesYes
University Hospital, GhentBECancer centre with inpatient PCU6Anaesthesiol.Anesth.: 0.8Daytime/5Daytime/5Yes
Comprehensive Cancer Centre, VratsaBGCancer centre with inpatient PCU15Anaesthesiol.Oncol.: 0.5
Anaesth..: 1
Surgery: 0.3
IntMed: 0.5
Cross Cancer Institute, Northern AlbertaCACancer centre without inpatient PCUPC specialist OncologyOncol: 5
GP: 13
The Edmonton Zone Palliative Care Program, AlbertaCACancer centre with inpatient PCU22PC specialistGP: 1324/724/7Yes**
Cantonal Hospital, St. GallenCHCancer centre with inpatient PCU26Oncology Internal Med.Oncol.: 2.7
IntMed.: 4.3
Kantonsspital Graubünden, ChurCHRegional hospital with inpatient PCU8PC specialistIntMed: 1Daytime/524/7Yes
Rigshospitalet, CopenhagenDKRegional hospitalOncologyOncol.: 1
Anaesth.: 1
Bispebjerg Hospital, CopenhagenDKRegional hospital with inpatient PCU12OncologyOncol: 1
Anaesth. 2
Hospital Universitario Arnau de Vilanova, LleidaESRegional hospitalGPGP: 2Daytime/5Daytime/5Yes
Clínica Universidad de Navarra, PamplonaESCancer centre without inpatient PCURadiation oncologyOncol.: 1
GP: 1
Hospital Centro de Cuidados Laguna, MadridESHosp-nursing-home43GPGP: 6.424/724/7Yes
Institut Catala D'Oncologia, BarcelonaESCancer centre with inpatient PCU18Internal Med.Oncol.: 1
Anaesth.: 0.5
IntMed.: 1
GP: 2
Geriatrician: 4
Cancer Prevention Centre (CPC), TblisiGECancer centre with inpatient PCU22PC specialist OncologyOncol.: 3
Surgery 1
GP: 8
Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, MilanITCancer centre with inpatient PCU10NeurologyOncol.: 2 Anaesth.:1Daytime/524/7Yes
Hospital of Piacenza, PiacenzaITRegional hospital with inpatient PCU12OncologyOncol.: 1 Anaesth.:1
IntMed.: 0.5
GP: 0.5
Hospice Villa Speranza, RomeITHosp-nursing-home621OncologyOncol.: 2.5 Surgery: 1
IntMed.: 2
GP: 1
Istituti Clinici di Perfezionamento Hospital, MilanITRegional hospitalAnaesthesiol.Oncol.: 0.5
IntMed.: 0.5
U.O. Complessa Cure Palliative e Terapia del Dolore Istituti Clinici di Perfezionamento, MilanITCancer centre without inpatient PCUAnaesthesiol./OncologyOncol.: 0.3
Surgery: 0.2
IntMed.: 0.5
University of L'Aquila, L'AquilaITRegional hospital with inpatient PCU4Oncology/neurology+nursingOncol.: 3 Neurol: 0.324/724/7Yes
Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova Reggio EmiliaITRegional hospitalOncologyOncol.: 1Daytime/5Daytime/5
St. Olavs University Hospital, TrondheimNOCancer centre with inpatient PCU12OncologyOncol: 2.5
GP: 1
Oslo University Hospital, OsloNOCancer centre with inpatient PCU8OncologyAnesth. 3
IntMed.: 1
GP: 1
Gynaecol: 1
Haraldsplass Deaconess Hospital, BergenNORegional hospital with inpatient PCU8Anaesthesiol.Anaesth. 2
IntMed.: 1
GP: 1
Øya Community Hospital, TrondheimNOHosp-nursing-home§8GPGP: 0.3Daytime/524/7
Instituto Português de Oncologia de Lisboa Francisco Gentil, EPE, LisbonPTCancer centre without inpatient PCUInternal Med.IntMed.: 2Daytime/5Daytime/5
St Gemmas Hospice, LeedsUKHosp-nursing-home32PC nurse specialistDaytime/524/7Yes
West Lothian Community Specialist Palliative Care Team, EdinburghUKHosp-nursing-homePC specialist24/7Daytime/5
Nottingham University Hospitals, NottinghamUKCancer centre with inpatient PCU20PC specialistPC spec.: 4
Anaesth.: 0.1
Marie Curie Cancer Care Glasgow Hospice, GlasgowUKHosp-nursing-home30PC specialist24/724/7
  • *Information in web survey based on data from 2010.

  • †Four categories: cancer centre with inpatient PCU (palliative care unit), cancer centre without inpatient PCU, Regional hospital, Hospice, nursing-home, hospice at home.

  • ‡Numbers refer to full-time equivalents.

  • §Defined as persons doing research, not clinical work, including senior researchers, PhD candidates and Master students.

  • **Joint professorship. AU, Australia; Anaesthesiol/anaesth., Anaesthesiology; BE, Belgium; BG, Bulgaria; CA, Canada; CH, Switzerland; DE, Denmark; ES, Spain; GE, Georgia; GP, General practitioner; Gynaecol, Gynaecologist; IntMed, Internal Medicine; IT, Italy; NO, Norway; Oncol, Oncology; PCU: Palliative care unit; PT, Portugal.